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Company-Profile-update_April-2015Installing T40 bars for MRT.Concrete has excellent strength in compression but it is weak in tension. Reinforced concrete (“RC”) is concrete in which the low tensile strength and ductility of plain concrete are counteracted by the inclusion of steel reinforcing bars (“rebars”). The rebars have to be embedded in such a way that the concrete and steel work together as a single unit, with the concrete providing compressive strength and the steel bars providing tensile strength. When this happens, it is called “composite action”.

Composite action in reinforced concrete is achieved through a strong bond between concrete and steel. Without bonding there will be no composite action and a concrete beam for example would then behave like concrete made without reinforcement. Good bonding is therefore vital for structural strength and serviceability of RC structures.

Rebar embedments in concrete fall into two categories based on when they are installed: cast-in-place and post-installed.

Cast-in-place bars. These are rebars positioned in the formwork before the concrete is cast. The bars bond to the concrete as a result of the drying shrinkage of cement paste against the steel bar. The bars’ rough surface provides a mechanical key and enhances frictional resistance to tensile forces. Post-installed bars. These are rebars inserted in holes drilled in hardened concrete and bonded to the concrete with an adhesive compound.Post-installed rebars are used as starter bars or extension bars where structures need strengthening or stiffening. They are also needed when cast-in bars are misaligned or left out. The objective in using post-installed bars is to obtain a connection between a new concrete element and an existing structure that is similar in strength and stiffness to the cast-in-place reinforcement.

The reliability of post-installed rebars depends on proper installation. The steel in the concrete would slip if there was even the tiniest bit of room between the hardened concrete and the steel bar and it would break adhesion.

For this reason project specifications require that drilling and cleaning of the holes, installation of the bonding material and insertion of reinforcing bars be performed by factory-certified or suitably qualified personnel under adequate supervision and job site quality control measures.

This places special demands on the training and capability of the installation personnel. Drilling deep holes with close edge distances, cleaning of deep holes and installation of large quantities of bonding material in deep holes without air pockets require specially trained personnel and equipment.


We import, distribute and install B+BTec Capsule Anchors. This is ourSingle-Responsibility philosophy. We have the resources to undertake the most complex projects and have the best post-installed rebar setting team in the business. Our customers benefit from our focus on quality execution and safety.

We respect, believe and invest in our people so that they deliver the highest level in service to customers. Continuous training, strict compliance to standards and approved methodology are the foundation of our success.

Rebar installation needs to be on schedule. We are committed to timely completion of your projects.

We provide local service from a number of locations but wherever we operate from, our TEAM makes the difference. Their know-how, experience and dedication gets your job done, on spec and on schedule.

Let our team be your team.


The CompanyTenn Holdings Sdn. Bhd. was formed in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2000. It moved within a few short years to the forefront of the construction fastening industry. This has been due to: 1) the need in the local market for products of high and consistent quality and the ability of Tenn Holdings to fill that need;

2) the cummulative field experience of our technical sales teamcombined with the engineering and manufacturing know-how of our partners overseas, everyone of them an innovation leader in their field.


The Products

Being quality oriented from the start, Tenn Holdings has firmed a customer base composed of mainly professional customers requiring the highest levels of product quality. Tenn products and product systems are engineered solutions to “real world” problems and therefore they give no-excuses, repeatable results in practical usage, as well as significant improvements in performance, efficiencies and productivity.


The People

We not only have quality products but also over 85 responsive employees with the experience and skills to effectively support the products.


Our Organisation is based on lean structures – a flat organizational framework means you can reach a competent contact partner very quickly. So whether you need engineering support, testing and test data, or only to brainstorm, we are near you and as available to you as your handphone.



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