B+BTEC VDP/ThunderRods

For over thirty years, B+BTEC VDP Spin Capsules have been an indispensable tool in concrete construction.


For over thirty years, B+BTEC VDP Spin Capsules have been an indispensable tool in concrete construction.

Compared with Expansion Anchors:
VDP Spin Capsule anchors are non-expanding, therefore they do not set up expansion stresses in the base material. This makes them ideal for close bolt spacing or installing near concrete edges.

VDP Spin Capsule anchors are capable of withstanding extremely high loads. They do not vibrate loose and back out of the hole under torque.

On the other hand, expansion anchors create stress zones in the concrete; slip under torque or axial loading; are unsuitable for vibratory Ioading0and are ultimately more expensive to use.


-Anchoring beams and roof trusses.

Port and harbour installations
-Anchoring loading dock bumpers, bollards, cranes, rails.

High-rise construction
-anchoring braces for scaffolding platforms, hand rails, hoists and lower cranes; stonework facades.

Water supply and waste treatment projects
-stainless steel anchoring.

Oil refinery installations

In-plant installations
-machine bases, conveyor, robots, racks.

Highways, dams, bridges, tunnels
-installing lighting poles, railings, highway guardrails. Floodlighting, wall furring and ventilators in tunnels.

Railway work
-rail to concrete sleepers, signaling equipment electrification masts, fencing, signages, etc.

The B+BTEC VDP Spin Capsule is a special glass capsule filled with liquid resin and quartz sand aggregate. Inside the capsule is a smaller glass capsule containing the resin hardener. The anchorage is made by placing the VDP capsule in a drilled hole and then spinning the threaded rod bolt into the capsule, shattering it and mixing the contents. The chemical interaction among the resin, resin hardener, aggregate and glass fragments produces a high strength adhesive which cures quickly to solidly bond the bolt to the surrounding concrete. The anchorage produced is suitable for all types of loading -static, vibratory and shock.


No loss of bond-strength over time (time-tested over 30 years).
Completely sealed anchor hole.
Economical for anchoring stainless steel bolts.
Fire-safe anchorages possible with deeper embedmenfs.


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