Air Screw Driver

Tenn ACO – Anti-Cam-Out Screwdriver Bits

In today’s competitive environments, fasteners must install correctly first time, every time. There is no room for cam-outs. That’s why you need Tenn ACO (“Anti-Cam-Out’) Screwdriver Bits. Tenn ACO driver bits securely mate to the screw’s drive recess, eliminating damaged screw heads and preventing damage to the work surfaces. In addition to no cam-out, Tenn ACO bits give exceptional torque transfer with reduced end pressure.

Tenn AS-500P & AS-500S

TENN AS-500P & AS-500S screwdrivers are based on an updated design of air screwdriver motor and shut-off clutch that achieves our main objective as a tool supplier: to help users of self-drilling screws raise productivity and cut operating costs.