Tenn PK Wedge Anchors

Providing a secure, heavy-duty insitu anchorage for attachments to concrete, Tenn PK Wedge Anchors give complete support in shear for a stronger fastening against dynamic side loads, and are specifically designed for quick and ready installation.

Tenn STA Scaffold Tie Anchor

Tenn STA Scaffold Tie Anchor consists of two parts:
1) a Tenn Dakota Plug which is secured in the building structure.
2) a removable steel ringbolt which screws into the Dakota Plug to provide the connection to the scaffold tubes.

Tenn TFP Frame Anchors

Tenn TFP Frame Anchors are designed to speed up on-site assembly operations. They make it easy to fasten aluminium frames, timber battens, wooden door and window frames, wall cabinetry etc. to concrete and solid brickwork.

Tenn SCI Concrete Anchors

TENN SCI is an internally threaded steel anchor for use in precast, prestressed and poured-in-place concrete. It is placed in the formwork prior to the casting of concrete. After the concrete is cured.

Tenn JSB Sleeve Anchors

JSB Sleeve Bolt is a heavy duty sleeve-type anchor designed.for bolt-on connections to concrete. It is also suitable for use in concrete block and solid brickwork.

Tenn IBP-IBA and MIA


Tenn Dakota Plugs

Tenn Dakota Plugs are made of Nylon (technical name: polyamide 6-6) and give dependable and problem-free installation in many base material types, ranging from concrete to challenging ones like ALC block, solid brick, perforated brick etc.

Tenn CX & MX Track Plugs

TENN CX & MX Hammer-In Plugs give aquick and positive fastening in concrete and brick base materials.

Tenn SCX Track Plugs

TENN SCX Hammer-In Plug consists ofa stainless steel threaded nail enclosed in a tight fi tting full length Polyamide 6-6(Nylon) expansion sleeve. The sleeve is ribbed to give maximum support withinthe drill hole.

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