Tenn UMA

Tenn UMA is designed to anchor into and provide high loads in the most challenging base materials, such as ALC, hollow or perforated brick and concrete block, lightweight concrete, aged or brittle concrete, etc. In these base materials UMA does the job when others totally fail.

Tenn PFA Drop-In Anchors

Tenn PFA Drop-In Anchors are internally threaded expansion anchors designed to provide a dependable socket fixing point in hard concrete. They are most frequently used in ceilings in combination with threaded rods.

Tenn CXE & MXE Alligator Plugs

The Tenn Alligator Hammer-in Plug combines a screw-nail of the correct diameter and a thick-walled sleeve made of Polyamide 6-6 to provide a hammer-in plug with dramatically increased holding power compared to other hammer plugs.

Tenn Spring Hangers

Tenn Spring Hanger are cast-in-place sockets designed to provide reliable attachment points for bolts and drop rods for overhead suspensions e.g. for ceilings, pipework and mechanical services.