Gas Nailers

(N)GXP-38-SM Gas Nailer

Tenn GXP-38-SM Gas Nailer drives thousands of nails a day accurately and consistently with very little operator effort. Although designed for sinking nails into concrete, this hardworking tool is just as effective when nailing into brickwork, concrete block, and even structural steel.

Gas Nailers Systems

Tenn Gas-Powered Nailers combine the convenience of cordless tools with the power and reliability of pneumatic tools! They willsave you time and money. Set up time is real quick – just drop in the fuel cell and you are ready to go. And with no need to worryabout air compressors and hoses, you can move easily around the jobsite.

Pneumatic Nailing Systems

The Tenn range of pneumatic nailers, pinners and staplers are the fi rst choice for air powered fastening applications because of their high quality, reliability and safety. Designed for simple operation, these tools are built with powerful motors rated for tough, continuous use. They last longer and work longer before any service becomes necessary.