Hole Cutter

Tenn Thunderdrills

Tenn Thunderdrills give you 3 times more oles per drill bit than most other hss twist drills.

Tenn Metal-Borers

Metal-Borers are designed for fast, economical production of holes from 16 to 150 mm in diameter in steel, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, etc., in the form of plate or pipe.

Tenn Holesaw-278

Holesaw-278 produces clean, accurate and round holes in flat material, e.g. stainless steel, structural steel, brass, aluminium. FRP etc.

Tenn 600W & 800W

To produce a hole; a solid carbide drill bit has to remove a large volume of material. By comparison, Tenn rotary hammer core hits get the job done more quickly and economically as they need only cut along the periphery to make a hole. This makes it possible to drill large diameter with small handheld rotary hammers, thus saving on tool costs.