Self Drilling Screws

Tenn Rooflight Fasterners

Rooflights bring natural daylight into the interiors of industrial, commercial, recreational and agricultural buildings. The most common roofl ights used with profi led roof sheeting are translucent sheets made to the same profi le shape as the metal or fi bre cement sheets.

Tenn Plymetal Fasterners

Tenn Plymetal Fasteners are self-drilling screws that fasten wood, plywood and hard board panels – such as cement board, chipboard, and various types of fi breboard – into metal without requiring pre-drilling of either the wood/board or metal.

Tenn DX Selfdrillers

Tenn DX Selfdrillers are high strength carbon steel self-drilling screws. They combine drilling, tapping and fastening in a single operation. Tenn DX Selidrillers are designed for use under the extreme conditions of construction site environments.

Tenn SD Selfdrillers

Tenn SD Selidrillers are precision cold-formed self-drilling screws specifically designed for drilling into and fastening metals over 6 mm and up to 15 mm thick.

Tenn RX Selfdrillers

The trend in recent years towards lighter, more economical - but yet strong - forms of steel construction has led to the wide use of thin-walled elements as purlins, rafters, trusses, beams, floor joists and loadbearing walls.