Tenn Holdings Sdn Bhd strengths are in completing projects on time and being cost effective.


We are specialist in diamond coring, diamond cutting, starter bar, anchor bolt & threaded rod installation, concrete honeycomb repair and reinforced concrete strengthening.



  1. Diamond Coring Services into reinforced concrete.
  • Fire fighting pipes
  • Air conditioning pipes
  • Rain water down pipes
  • Chemical or mechanical anchoring


  1. Diamond Cutting Services into reinforced concrete.
  • Air ventilation shaft
  • Lift wall
  • Door openings
  • Elevator door switch


  1. Starter bar, anchor bolts and threaded rods installation
  • Installing starter bar using B+Btec HaC Hammer Capsule
  • Installing starter bar using Chem Granite Super (Injection System)
  • Installing threaded rods using B+Btec VDP Spin Capsule


  1. Pressure grouting works for honeycomb in reinforced concrete.
  • Using Masterflow 810 from BASF.


  1. Reinforced Concrete Strengthening.
  • Using Master Brace or FRP from BASF.


Products we carry:

– B+Btec HaC Hammer Capsule

– B+Btec VDP Spin Capsule

 Chem Granite Super

– BASF Masterflow 810

– BASF Master Brace or Fibre Reinforced Polymer or FRP

(For reinforced concrete strengthening)

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